Water filter extractor

Every business owner in the finishing industry knows about the problems of burring and dust in the machines. Investing in a deburring machine is one of the solutions for the burring problems. But what are you going to do about all the dust in your machines? Dust seems a small problem but they can cause multiple problems. For example, aluminium dust is explosive when it is captured dry.    But there’s a great solution for dust also; The company “Q-fin” has a lot of experience in the finishing industry and know the occurring problems very well. That’s why they developed a water filter extractor.

Quality Finishing

Advantages of a water filter extractor

The extractor is used for example to extract the dust out of deburring machines. The machine separates the dust from the air by forcefully extracting the air-dust mixture through the water. This way, the dust is absorbed by the water and sinks to the bottom of the filter. It is the safest way of extraction in combination with machines for deburring and grinding. Q-fin is specialised in deburring machines and water filter extractors. They can inform you about all the specifications and give you a professional advice in combining a deburring machine with a water filter extractor. All your machines will last longer and producing high quality products.