A Romance-filled adventure in Provence: 4 Things to Do

Provence is known for its recurring and pleasant rhythms of sun and seasons, an idyllic backdrop for romance. The ancient vineyards that are open to explore or the charming seaside towns, every corner of this French region whispers tales of love and will enchant you and your couple! Planning to immerse in this romantic setting? Here are 4 specific, extraordinary experiences for an unforgettable journey:

1. Moonlit evening at Pont du Gard

Begin your romantic sojourn with an evening at Pont du Gard, an ancient Roman aqueduct and a masterpiece of engineering. As the sun takes goes down, the stones of this grand structure light up, opening up a magical atmosphere. A little later you can enjoy a serene, thoughtful walk under the stars along the banks of the Gardon River, amidst the beauty and history of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. Discover love in the lavender fields of Sénanque Abbey

Near the village of Gordes lies serene Sénanque Abbey, surrounded by vibrant lavender fields. Visit in July, when the lavender is in full bloom, and take a guided tour of the abbey. The sight of the ancient building against the purple fields is not just picturesque, but profoundly moving.

3. Savor culinary delights in Aix-en-Provence

Wander the charming streets of Aix-en-Provence, where outdoor cafés and markets abound. Indulge in a romantic dinner at a local restaurant, savoring Provençal cuisine. Finish your meal with Calissons d’Aix, a traditional French candy, as a sweet reminder of your time spent here.

4. Relaxation at your private villa

After all the exploring, it is time for some romance and retreat to the tranquility of your private villa. Villas with pools in France offer an exclusive haven to unwind and reconnect. Of course, you can also spend a lovely leisurely day lounging by the pool, enjoying the warm Provençal sun, and taking in the scenic views of the countryside.

In short, this region is rich in natural beauty, history, and culinary excellence, perfect for couples to experience love in its most beautiful form. Interested in a fitting accommodation? Take a look at the holiday homes to rent in France on the website of FranceComfort and book your perfect getaway!