Big Time Gaming review

online slot machines

Big Time Gaming is a game producer with a great reputation, it offers some of the latest and greatest online slot machines . The company is still improving a lot and in 2019 they released some remarkable titles. 

Big Time Gaming is also the inventor of the ‘Megaways’ innovation, so if you see a slot game that is branded by Megaways moniker, then you know that this slot game is created by Big Time Gaming. Megaways offer most of the time an extra reel, so you will have a bigger chance to win!

Pros and cons


  • Megaways: The best thing about Big Time Gaming is its range of Megaways titles. You are able to play your favorite slots with an extra reel, which allows you to win bigger prizes.
  • Improvement: Big Time Gaming is getting better and better. It is not only Megaways that brought the company to where they are now, but there are also a lot of normal online casino slots you can enjoy, for example, Temple of Fortune, Haunted House and Opal fruits. 
  • Big names: The games are created by very big names of the industry, therefore, it is not surprising that the company is doing very well. 
  • Leased by other brands: Companies are able to lead the Megaways concept to boost their own titles! so don’t be confused if you see slots by other brands using the Megaways suffix. 


  • Bingo free: If you want to find a Megaway bingo game, then you are likely to not be successful, because they have not started with online bingo yet. 
  • Not many games: Not all gamblers are in love with slot machines. Big Time Gaming is not a fan of casino games. next to slots, they only have revealed scratch cards.

Best games

If you want to play slot games of Big Time Gaming, but you don’t know where to start? We will share their best two games on the market. 

Monopoly Megaways

This game has existed since December 2019, they brought the popular family-argument causing board game into a unique BTG’s Megaways concept. This game has six reels instead of five, which gives you a bigger chance to win. When playing the game, you will also traverse around the Monopoly board where you are probably familiar with. There are some extra bonuses available depending on where you end up. 

Lil’ devil

This is not a Megaways title, but still has six reels and countless typical features, such as a bonus spin round and a bigger chance to win.