The profits of BMP software

More than ever, organizations are forced to make decisions based on facts instead of instinct, from boardroom to shop floor. Agile organizations are able to convert data into insights and thus adapt their processes and services so that they continue to deliver value and generate income. The development of an enterprise architecture tool is a crucial step to be agile and data-driven results.

Many organizations already work “under business architecture“. What you often see, however, is that there is too much emphasis on technology. While the enterprise architecture is primarily a description of the business, not of IT. What you need is a good “team’’, with the business, the information provision and the IT that will speak the same language.

You can compare it to the control of a ship. Engine room design is not enough. In addition to a good nautical chart, you need a complete “naval architecture”. You need to know where the engine room, cargo area, steering wheel, sails and crew are located, how they work and how they are interconnected. Only then can you build a streamlined ship that sails efficiently and maneuverable to its final destination. And with which you, together with your crew, can quickly change course in the event of a storm, on your way to a safe harbor. Which can all be done in an online BPM tool

Because the organizational structure and technical systems change over time, it is important to set up the capability and object models separately from this. In this way they form a good base for the sustainable design and realization of analytics environments. Insight into the interrelationship of data and the use of data, with common definitions, ensures that measurements, reports and analyzes across organizational and system boundaries are mutually consistent. This offers in-depth chain insight and the possibility to effectively manage the realization of company-wide strategic and tactical goals.