Tick season is around the corner

The blacklegged tick is out there. Especially this time of year you have to be very carefully with these little creatures. They are always around in the spring. It is important to take precautions. Tick repellent clothing and showers after a hike in the nature are simple measures to prevent diseases such as Lyme.

Increasing cases

The number of cases varies from year to year and from season to season but the trend is unmistakable. Ticks are spreading more diseases across Europe. One of the biggest reasons for this is a growing population and more people spending time outdoors.

More knowledge

Not only are people diagnosed with diseases as a result of a tick bite, doctors become more aware of the symptoms. This means that more cases are detected. This development also means that a tick-born disease can be treated in a better way. 

Protect yourself

Blacklegged ticks have expand over the entire region of Europe. Anyone who spends time outdoors can be bitten by a tick. Protecting yourself from a tick bite is always better than treating a tick bite. 

Here are some example to prevent a tick bite:

Symptoms of tick-borne diseases

The symptoms of tick-borne illnesses are not are not always easy to diagnose. Almost all tick-botne infections result in very mild symptoms, almost comparable to symptoms of the flu. Other symptoms vary by disease

Symptoms of Lyme:

The most common symptom is a bull’s-eye rash that often occurs around the place where the tick have bitten you. Other symptoms can include:

  • joint pain
  • muscle aches
  • severe headache
  • heart palpitations
  • joint swelling.