Comfortable used-buses from a high quality

Looking for a company that sells uses buses? At Womy Equipment Supply B.V. you are at the right place. We offer comfortable used buses from a high quality. Buying and selling used buses is our core business for over 20 years. As an expert we are offering many transporting solutions with used buses.

Womy was established in 1996. Since then we expanded our activities. Nowadays we are specialized in bus, equipment and car sale and rental worldwide. The main office of the Womy group is located in the Netherlands in the port of Moerdijk, close to cities like Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam and Antwerp. Furthermore, we have offices in Cuba, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Poland, Oman, Ghana, Romania, Liberia and Turkey.

Hundreds of used buses

Womy Equipment has hundreds of used bused available, all from different models and international brands. Whether you are looking for a bus for a turn-key project, a tender agreement of a spot sale; we offer you a used bus from a high quality.

Different kind of used buses

We offer different kind of buses, like:

  • Used city buses
  • Used intercity buses
  • Used mini buses
  • Used coach buses
  • Used articulated buses

Used city buses

Womy offers used city buses from different brands and models. All the buses are designed for driving perfectly in cities. A used city bus is an ideal bus for a tender agreement. We have the capability and materials to adjust or apply the right modifications in a bus. Womy offers used city buses from Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, Van Hool, VDL and MAN.

Used intercity buses

Need a bus for transporting people over long distances? One of our intercity buses is the right choice if you are looking for a comfortable bus that can handle long distances. All our used intercity buses are perfectly designed and offer enough comfort during a long-distance trip. Our experts can apply the right modification that you are looking for. Our intercity buses are from VLD, Volvo, MAN and Otokar.

Used mini buses

Looking for a used mini bus for a holiday trip or for your team? Womy offers different models of used mini buses from a high quality, like mini buses from Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault and Ford. We have the experience and right materials to modify a used mini bus to your needs. We offer various options for logistical solutions. For example: we offer mini-vans for 4 or 6 persons, but also multiple person vehicles up to 9 or 16 passengers.

Used coach buses

Do you need a smaller bus for your team, club or company? Than a used coach bus is an ideal choice. Our comfortable used coach buses are designed for travelling long-distances. We offer coach buses from brands like Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and Isuzu.

Used articulated buses

Womy offers bigger used articulated buses. These buses are perfectly designed for transporting many people in a city. An articulated bus has the same design as a city bus, but it is bigger. At Womy you find bigger used articulated buses from Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.

Why Womy?

Besides our long-time experience, there are more reasons to choose for the service of Womy:

  • A team of experienced specialist
  • A personal and customer-friendly service
  • A member of the Mobilift International Group
  • Offices worldwide
  • Low prices
  • High-quality service

Low prices and high-quality service

Due to our long-time experience and our long-lasting relationships with suppliers worldwide, we are able to sell used buses for reasonable low-prices and with a customer friendly after sales solution.

Extended services

As a full-service company we offer extended services. We have the skills, experience and materials to apply the right modifications on your new used bus. For example: we can modify a used bus into a comfortable bus that can transport persons with a disability. We are also specialized in adjusting materials on a van for carrying mechanical equipment.

A full-service company

Looking for equipment, a truck or a car? Than Womy also offers you the best and most affordable solutions. Our company is also a specialist in selling used trucks, equipment, cars and replacement parts.

Want to buy a used bus?

Want to buy a used bus? Or want to know more about our company? Please take a look at our website. We added photos and information of all the used buses at our website. For more information or a professional advice, you can contact us by phone of e-mail. Or fill in the contact form at our website. We will answer you in 24 hours.